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关键词:娱乐经纪人  现状  前景


    Entertainment agent responsible for the following:1, responsible for signing artists and agent recommended, packaging, promotion and management, processing performance brokerage services; development direction of the 2, planning and organization of entertainers, planning, implementation of artists training plan; 3, foreign market activities and performances played a business, planning and scheduling, announcements, and complete the settlement of accounts; 4, establish and maintain good relationship with customers, maintain company image; 5, coordinate the customers and artist communication, problem solving disputes.The development of cultural and creative industries rapidly in the world, China fastest and best market. In a series of policy measures to support and promote the country, many areas of cultural and creative industry, animation, film, media, online brokerage shows blowout type growth, the industry is regarded as one of the best return on investment in the industry, becoming a hot chase of capital. Behind the fiery market, is the unremitting exploration years a large number of entertainment agent development, in the industrialization management of the market operation, the company on the road. Also because of such, extensive contacts and information source of entertainment brokers provide favorable conditions for the venture, the first batch of China brokers are now mostly open culture communication company, not only when the agent, and when the boss. As the agent of this industry, have widened the road.
Key words: Entertainment agent   Present situation   Future