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摘  要:健康猪的肠道内包含无数细菌,各菌群保持着动态平衡并在各个阶段影响其生长发育。本实验对从不同地方健康猪肠道内的细菌进行分离培养,革兰氏染色镜检,然后挑取不同形态的细菌增菌,提取质粒进行电泳鉴定。从质粒的有无以及质粒的电泳带形进行分析,对细菌进行了初步分类,为健康猪肠道菌群类型以及耐药性的进一步研究提供基础。

Isolation of Common Bacteria from Healthy Pig Intestines and Prelimi-nary Identification of Plasmids

Abstract: Healthy pig intestine contains countless bacteria, each flora keep a dynamic balance and affect the development of pigs in all their growth stage. In this experiment, we isolated and cultured a variety of pigs intestinal bacteria from different places, detected by Gram staining and then picked differ-ent forms of bacteria to culture to extract plasmid, tested by electrophoretic. From the analysis of plasmid whether it has or not and the electrophoresis strip, we made a preliminary classification, which provided a basis for further study of the type of healthy pig gut bacteria and drug resistance.
Key words: Gram stain; Plasmid DNA; Separation; Identification


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2材料与方法    4
2.1 样品    4
2.2 试剂    4
2.3 主要仪器    4
2.4 细菌的分离培养    4
2.5 革兰氏染色镜检    4
2.6 质粒DNA提取试验    5
2.7 质粒的琼脂糖凝胶电泳检测试验    5
3 结果与分析    5
3.1 细菌分离培养与革兰氏染色结果    5
3.2 质粒电泳检测结果    6
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